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The magic of power of compounding [infographic]

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The magic of power of compounding has been explained innumerable times by personal finance experts all over the world. Albert Einstein has very famously quoted the below on this concept – “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” And it cannot be farther from the truth. Understanding the concept will help you make smart decisions early on in your life. There is not much fun in clearing the concepts when you are say, 5 years away from a big financial goal that you want to achieve and for which you have no money today. You should have started saving early on in life based on goal based investing concepts and the credit of the fact that it will work is based on the wonderful concept of power of compounding. The problem with our education system is that they teach you right but they...

How to invest your money wisely [infographic]

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Are you a new beginner to investing and wanting to understand how to invest your money wisely in India or anywhere in the world ? Or is it that you have put your neck deep into the underbelly of the stock markets, have burned your fingers and are looking to start afresh ? Whatever be the case, wise investing is something which can turn any amateur investor into a successful one. So while the big mouthed people talk about making a killing on the stock market and real estate, you can sit on the sidelines and listen and laugh, because you know that they are going to have their page 3 of recognition only till the boom lasts but when the tide turns, only then will the world know who is swimming naked (heard that somewhere before !). If you are a wise investor, you will have the last laugh. Here is how. Read the below detailed guide on how to invest your money wisely – this is more...

5 personal finance lessons from Spirit : Stallion of the Cimarron movie

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I must have watched the movie Spirit : Stallion of the Cimarron at least 15 times now. If you think what is so different about that, let me tell you it was in the last 3 months. Not to mention the fact that it is a kiddo movie. I rate it as one of the best movies ever, obviously for a host of reasons. While I watched the movie, I tried to compare it with what personal finance lessons investors could take away from the movie as far as personal finance is concerned. Here I try to put down 5 key lessons that investors can apply in their investing life from this amazing movie. Simple yet powerful personal finance lessons from a horse 1. Listen to your investment advisor/financial planner The movie is about a stallion who is very different from the other horses in his herd. Since he is very brave, he ends up leading the pack. One night, he sees a shimmering light at the far end of the...

The Indian economy, Rupee and investors [infographics]

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So much has been written about the crashing rupee and India’s economy that this article almost looks like beating a dead horse to me but I will still beat it. It really is all old news now that India is in the doldrums – nothing seems to be working at the moment – from a minister who was credited with turning around India’s economy way back in 1991 to hurting it significantly while being the prime minister, nothing is working. The reason behind the Indian currency plunging to record lows has been many – from low economic growth and foreign fund outflows, a large current account deficit (CAD) [approx 5% of gross domestic product] to the US dollar gaining strength at the back of hopes of the US economy reviving. All measures by the RBI and the government have failed to stabilize the sliding rupee. Simply put, the falling rupee is an implication of the fact...

What is the monetary value of a human life ?

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Have you ever wondered what is the monetary worth of your life and how much compensation could your family members possibly get if you were to pass away ? The answer leads to the question – how much life insurance can you get ? Before we get there, it is important to note that you need to be aware of the ways to calculate your life insurance needs – read it before you go any further. Having understood that now, you should now find out how much life insurance do you actually need using the calculator. Let’s see where we go on the topic of the monetary value of a human life and how much you can actually take and get from life insurance companies. The purpose of insurance The purpose of insurance is to put you back in the same economic state before a loss occurred. Note the word economic here. The word is important. It is not possible for insurance to put you back in the same...

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