Is Talegaon in Pune real estate a good investment ?

The Pune property market has undergone massive changes in the last decade.

Riding on the real estate boom, Pune has transformed itself from a pensioner’s paradise to a city where youngsters have come to invest in outskirt places like Talegaon. The Talegaon Pune property rates and real estate story is waiting to explode with time to come.

Read on to find why Talegaon is still a good bet if you are looking to make a safe investment in the real estate market.

What makes Talegaon so attractive ?

The location of Talegaon in Pune is bang in the middle of the three cities – Mumbai, Nashik and Pune.  Talegaon is situated on the Mumbai-Pune highway and enjoys favourable connectivity. As a result, many companies have swooped down to invest in Talegaon. Investment by these companies has created a large employment base for the citizens and as a result they have flocked to Talegaon.

The industrial belt of Chakan (Chakan MIDC) and the automobile manufacturing hub are the main drivers of employment in Talegaon.

Some of the opportunities in Talegaon real estate market are created by :

Larsen and Toubro opening its plant

Bajaj and Jindal setting up facilities

General Motors producing the Chevrolet Beat and Spark at Talegaon in Pune

Talegaon is also very favourably placed from the important location of Hinjewadi which happens to be the major IT hub of Pune. The fact that close to 40,000 IT professionals are expected to work in Hinjewadi and that Talegaon is around 30 minutes away from it (approx 20 kms),  makes Talegaon a hot destination among IT professionals.

The climate of Pune and Talegaon are ideal for residential housing. Compared to Mumbai which is around 2.5 hours away, Pune boasts of a hill station like climate.

Talegaon’s proximity to Mumbai via the Mumbai-Pune expressway gives Talegaon a major advantage in the Pune real estate market. In fact, the old Mumbai-Pune highway also offers good connectivity to Talegaon. Given this, Mumbaikars come down to Lonavala and Talegaon more often and many have based Talegaon as their weekend homes.

Another thing to note is that not only Mumbaikars but many Puneites are also making Talegaon their weekend destinations leading them to invest in their second homes. The pollution free climate and scant population make it a very attractive getaway. Obviously, this will not be the same forever and it is  a matter of few years before Talegaon goes the same way as other parts of Pune have gone – sky rocketing prices and the unavoidable hustle bustle.

The infrastructure of Talegaon is undergoing massive changes. Residential societies are creating demand for basic amenities like schools and hospitals. Over the next few years, the availability of malls, schools and hospitals will increase significantly.



The property rates in Talegaon vary between 2200 psf (per square foot) to 3000 psf. This is on the lowest side in the Pune proprty market. In fact, Chakan also demands the same rate as Talegaon. So does Wagholi.

As far as properties for investment go, you could possibly be spoilt for choice. There are innumerable Pune real estate builders like the Siddhivinayak Group, Disha Direct, Om Developers, Naiknavare and Associates and many more who have thrown their hat in the ring and have launched residential projects. The one you cannot miss is Tata’s La Montana which has a plethora of amenities thrown in.

With so many builders jumping in the fray, you have apartments of all sizes and types available for you – 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK. Not to mention bungalows, villas and farmhouse plots. It’s all happening in Talegaon.

The residential demand in Talegaon will be on the rise in the future. In the Pune real estate market, Talegaon stands poised to hold its promise of safe returns over an extended period of time.

Invest if you can hold, avoid if you want quick returns.


  1. I would advise waiting for now. The vibes that i am getting from builders especially from pune is that the real estate bubble is due to burst anytime. Just play safe…..


  2. Sagar,

    Pune real estate is just another bubble waiting to burst.
    Builders are facing severe shortage of money, morever the demand for properties is falling. So just wait for few months and you will get a clear picture.


    • D.Bahroos says:

      My personal view: I don’t think Pune is any bubble.Unlike Mumbai,greater Pune has the planned infrastructure which lays good foundation.Given its close proximity to Mumbai,some companies are ramping up in Pune and downsizing in Mumbai.So the growth and real estate story of Pune looks pretty good. Time the market to perfection is like catching the last compartment of a moving train,more often than not you are bound to miss. I reckon that interest rates have peaked and once inflation is under control, demands will return.
      Additionally there are numerous NRI’s returning back with pockets full, they will add to the demand as well.Better buy before it is very late.

  3. neerav tanna says:

    i just wanna know i want to invest in talegaon property and the builder is disha direct is it safe to invest at this time and at what price.i have limited budget i just want a right advice from someone

    • @neerav tanna, Well the builder is good enough. We cannot recommend a price to you because you will have to buy at the price the builder is selling at.
      Ask around some peer builders to check.
      Have you done reserach on the locality and the builder ?

    • Jay Karandikar says:

      @neerav tanna, Neerav, did you follow through with the investment? Can you share the details and your experiance? I am also planning to go forward. Thanks.

    • Jay Karandikar says:

      @neerav tanna, by the way, my email id is jk8520 at gmail dot com

      Please feel free to write to me directly. Thanks.

    • Kewal Shah says:

      Hi, Disha is developing a senior citizen society with Brand Ambassador Shobha De.
      Their prices are a bit higher, y dnt u check out the places around the Talegaon Rilway station where a 40 mt internal road is planned on DP. I have a lot of options to share like the projects near to d y patil engg college and othe rprime companies like general motors, essar group, etc in a radius of 3 Kms.
      Check out rio vista and eco city

  4. Abhishek says:

    Recently I booked a 2.5 BHK at Latis ( Talegaon, Project by Kohinoor Group ( its a awesome property with good views, amenities and peaceful surroundings…one must check out Talegaon….there are lots of Projects coming up who are ready to give possession starting from 2012.

    The rates are reasonable now…my only suggestion would be not to miss this opportunity.

    I commute daily from Talegaon to Hinjewadi Phase 2, trust me my Car give me an Avg of 18 and it takes me just 30 mins to reach office without any traffic jam or signal. I used to stay in Kalewadi till May this yr, due to traffic jams, signals the vehicle avg was just 10 to 12 in City, i was spending almost 1200 Rs per week just on fuel. Now it has come down to 2800 Rs for whole month…a saving of 2000 Rs.

    Talegaon now has lots of Good quality schools, Engg college, Medical College…so guys definitely this would be the future destination for Puneites..


    • @Abhishek, Great stuff ! Congrats man.

      • Jay Karandikar says:

        @Sagar, Great write-up, Sagar. Thanks for the same.

        Any help you can provide on LATIS (or any other project that you can recommend) would be great. Any idea, how convenient of a location it is logistically from Thane, Pune, Lonavla, Nasik, etc. and also for day to day necessities and medical facilities. Again, thanks.

      • Jay Karandikar says:

        @Sagar, by the way, my email id is jk8520 at gmail dot com

        Please feel free to write to me directly. Thanks.

        • @Jay Karandikar, Jay,LATIS is a nic location as far as I am concerned.
          I do not get too concerned about basic things you are referring to in your question as that is bound to come up in due course of time. If that is a prequesite, you might need to move to a more denly populated place and that will come with a price hike.
          Don’t buy on my suggestion, check out yourelf and take a decision.

    • Prince Peter says:

      @Abhishek, Talegaon is really a happening place.

    • Jay Karandikar says:

      @Abhishek, Hi Abhishek, I live/work in Thane but have come to U.S. for a project for 6 months.

      I looked at your link and it looks great. Can you please inform me what the status of the LATIS project is now and any info you can share on price please? I am 45 years old and thinking of someday retiring in Talegaon. For now at least, it can be a good place for my parents for 2-3 months per year. Is there anything I should be careful of or look out for? Any help or tips would be great. I was actually looking at the Samruddhi project for 1 and 2 bhk budget apartments starting Rs.11.54 Lacs by Mark Ventures at Talegaon. It is near Kalpana Society in Varle, Talegaon. Thanks.

    • Jay Karandikar says:

      @Abhishek, by the way, my email id is jk8520 at gmail dot com

      Please feel free to write to me directly. Thanks.

    • Hi,
      [17/03/2013] Can you comment what is the average running price range of residential property in Talegoan ( like Rahatani,Pune @ 5k per sq feet)?

  5. As per my budget, I can only buy a 1 BHK flat for investment.. Is it a good option to buy a 1 BHK flat in talegoan, or else please suggest the preferable location.

    • @Vineet, the location you need to select, I cannot advise you on the same ! Talegaon is good or bad depending on many parameters – it is a very subjective discussion.

  6. Hi Neerav,

    I have bought a villa from Disha Direct in Talegaon. I had some problems with them but they eventually turned out to be honest people. Possession was delayed for a long long time during the 2008 crisis but I was compensated to some extent and the quality of material promised was maintained, discount the fact that they had to bear with me for my cacophony. A lot of pats and squabbles went on for months no end but the senior folks from Disha Direct were easily approachable, so at the end I got possession.

    I will certainly recommend them but you need to pay due dilligence in dealing with them, as a matter of fact in dealing with any builder in Pune.

    Do let me know if you need more info, reply to this post.


  7. Hi neerav.

    I want to buy a 2 bhk flat at talegaon from namrata builders. project name is Leelawati Greens. they offer a price 2550 psf. is it safe to buy this flat. plz let me know asap.

  8. Hi sagar plz reply for above comment. asap

  9. Is Mhalunge (near chakan) good for investment in 1BHK flat. There 2-3 townships nearby & the price is round about 2000-2200
    please advice.

  10. Hi Sagar , I am planning to invest in Six Wish ( TouchWood Developes ) , Please let me know your opinion ?

  11. Hi Sagar,
    I have heard there is a water supply problem in Talegaon, especially for the properties near the old pune mumbai highway. Is it true ? Do you see it being rectified in near future ?

  12. Atul Prasad says:

    Hello People,

    I first of all thank the website owners for creating a forum like this. Its always, nice to know about your investment and discuss with other people. I have taken a flat in Tata La montana and I intend to hold it for a long time. Its 2 BHK flat, I would be getting the possession by next year end, I wanted to know for a 10000 SFT property, in Tata La Montana what could be the rent that one can expect.

    Thanks and Regards


  13. Appreciate if date of the post can be mentioned in the main post.. so while going through old posts a new reader can understand..

  14. dr manoj parikh says:

    sir planning to buy a resale flat in talegaon as an investment,i dont believe in under construction projects,is it advisable??getting it near the the range of 2.2-2.5k/sqft…do reply..thanks

  15. Hi,
    I am thinking to invest in a flat on Chakan-Talegaon Road. It is a new housing project. I’ve heard there is water problem in Chakan. But the builder is saying he will be taking the water connection from the Chakan MIDC pipe line, hence there won’t be a water shortage for the society. I would like to know, is it possible to take the water connection from MIDC pipe line for a housing society, legally ? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the same ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • hari singh says:

      Hello Sir,
      GOOD DAY,

      We have launched a new sit in Medankarwadi, Chakan, hardly 2 minutes from Nasik highway. There is PK international college next to the site and nearby area is coming up with new projects, the area is developing fast.
      It is just launched with all modern amenities.
      Check the connectivity:-
      1) Pune-Nasik Highway : – 2Min.
      2) Chakan –Shikrapur road : – 3 Min.
      3) Chakan : – 5 Min.
      4) P.K. Internati0onal college and School: 5Min.
      5) Market : – 5Min.
      6) Chakan MIDC : – 5Min
      7) SEZ MIDC : – 18 Min.
      8) Proposed International Airport: – 15 Min.
      9) Talawade IT Park : – 20Min.

      1) Well designed Entrance foyer & Lobby area.
      2) Well designed landscaped Garden.
      3) Children play area.
      4) Yoga and Meditation area.
      5) Senior citizen ait out area.
      6) Sit outs in Garden areas.
      7) Lifts for each Wing.
      8) Additional water source from Tube Well.
      9) Notice board.
      10) Rain Water Harvesting.
      11) Water Pump.
      12) Security Cabin.
      1) Earthquake resistance R.C.C. structure.
      2) External & Internal wall are 6” thick brick wall.

      Apartment feature:
      1) Premium class flooring of vitrified tiles in all rooms.
      2) POP finish to all walls and ceiling.
      3) Well designed 30 mm main door will be flush door with decorative laminates sheet.
      4) Tough ISI mark 30mm flush door with Oil paint finishing to all other rooms.
      5) Aluminum powder coated sliding Windows with safety grill.
      6) Premium quality oil bond distemper paint for the internal faces of all rooms.
      7) Cement paint & Apex paint for external faces of the building.
      Marble top kitchen working counter with S.S. Sink and 4.0” dado above the counter.
      1) Designer tiles in bath / Toilets upto 7.0” height on wall with modern concept.
      2) Anti skid ceramic tiles flooring in bathroom, W.C. & Terraces.
      3) Concealed plumbing work with premium quality bathroom fitting.
      1) ISI marked electrification.
      2) Premium quality switches & accessories in all rooms.
      3) TV, Telephone and Geyser point.

      NOTE: We are providing first 25 Flats at bottom rates i.e. 2600 /- per Sq.Ft.
      This is assumed that during completion after 1.5 years the rates expected to reach 4000 /- Per sq.Ft. So this is a good opportunity for investors, as the project is title clear we have bank loan facilities also, we need 2Lac or 3 Lac down payments and rest amount is paid by EMI through bank loan.
      Plz let me know your interest.

      Hari Singh
      Green Property Consultant

  16. what about availability of schools , shopping complex & hospitals in TALEGAON ?

  17. I’m planning to buy 2 BHK at talegaon, very near to Talegaon station and medical collage. what is the return who would expect after 5 year ?
    current rate was 3000 SQF…can it be double in next 5 year?

  18. I’m planning to buy 2 BHK at La Montana near Talegoan. Pls. advice, if the basic rate is about Rs. 4600 psf, is it a reasonable rate and has an attractive investment return prospect?

    • Hello Kaushal, I don’t know the builder rate but I buy 1BHK in resale at La montana , first phase at Rs 3800 sq ft ( All white) in May, 2013.

  19. Dear All,
    I’am new to this website, but I’am looking to purchase a property in talegaon/ chakan.
    Pl guide me as to which place is the best to invest.
    Also, pl tell me how much a 1000 sqft row house in talegaon would cost ?


  20. Gents/Ladies
    That was a good dsicussion. Appreciate .Anybody knows how is vision city by sidhivinayak doing, latest price and future prospects.I bought the appartment in 2008 at 1600 rs/sqfeet.

  21. kapil sharma says:

    how about Orchid City in Talegaon just Opposite of Tata Housing La Montana.
    I am looking for living purpose.
    Can anyone suggest me will it be fine for living purpose or not.
    In next 2-3 years what will be the growth of Talegaon.

  22. inamdar k.g. says:

    Talegaon Is perfect location for any body to stay as first Home. An upcoming residential project is BALADOR ,if Budget is between 45- 70 lakhs.

  23. kapil sharma says:

    Hello Inamdar,

    where is the exact location of BALADOR. it is near to Latis ?

    • inamdar k.g. says:

      It is next to LATIS, if you are coming by CAR. The Quality construction,spacious rooms,clear and open interaction. Visit both Projects (LATIS and BALADOR )and decide yourself. If you are coming by train, it(BALADOR) is at walkable distance.Max. 10-12 minutes.

  24. kapil sharma says:

    Hello Inamdar,
    Do you have any idea about Orchid Ciy that is just opposite of Tata Housing, LeMonthna.

    • inamdar k.g. says:

      No. I had visited nearby sites only,within visinity of Railway station-10-12 minutes walking distance and near to old and new express highways after Talegaon exit. if you have interest in BALADOR, you may contact on 02114-224720.

  25. inamdar k.g. says:

    I have recently visited BALDOR . Rates are hiked. Now it is Rs. 3750/- PSQFT (rs. 2850/- on year before). Project has taken shape.

  26. kapil sharma says:

    I been to Orchid City. Rate is 3100 to 3200 can check this option also.

  27. inamdar k.g. says:

    I suggest, you visit BALADOR and decide the option. if really interested in investing or residing , it is better to visit various good projects and weigh the project’s infra & facilities and future resale value considering customer’s preference & standard.

  28. I am an investor and I am planning to invest in Talegaon 1 or 2 BHK. Can anybody here suggest me a good project where transactions are safe and returns in next 5 yrs could be 20% pa

  29. We want to sell 1bhk row house east facing located at talegaon
    having 700sq.feet builtup area & 1000sq.feet plot area.
    Gated community.good society.parking available.
    walkable distance from Indrayani college.
    Expected price – 35 lacs

  30. Kartik Mantha says:


    I live in Mumbai & am looking for a 1 / 2 BHK flat purely for investment purposes. Iam trying to compare & understand 2 locations – Boisar in Palghar & Talegaon – both have Tata’s housing projects. I have a budget of max 60 lacs & have just started my comparison study between the 2 locations. Could you help me with some advise in choosing between these 2 locations?

    Regards, Kartik Mantha

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