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How much home loan can I get ?

By in Banking | 23 comments

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An oft asked question – how much home loan can I get on my salary ! Astute financial planning is about having the right distribution of your salary between investments, expenses and loans.

As far as loans are concerned, they can easily find their way into an investor’s portfolio in the form of car loans, personal loans and home loans. Talking about the latter – home loans form a major chunk of debt for a person and it becomes very important to understand the factors which decide how much home loan you can get.

Factors which decide how much home loan you can get

Whether you plan to buy a small house or a big bungalow, home loan affordability will always depend on some factors from the below list.

How much down payment you can make.

The size of the home loan.

Your current liabilities/loans.

Your monthly income.

Looking at the list above, you will realize that most of the factors are inter connected. Your monthly income less your current loans is the amount of money you have left each month which you can spend on your living expenses and savings. It is out of this left over money that you can think of taking more loans. If you do not have any loans today, you are well placed.

The total cost of your house and how much down payment you can make to buy it will give you the total size of the home loan.

So the total size of the  home loan and your left over money each month are critical inputs to determine how much home loan you can get.

Example of home loan on salary

Let us check with an example.

Suppose you have a gross monthly salary of Rs 30,000/- out of which you are already paying Rs 7,000/- as Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). How much home loan you can take if the rate of interest on your home loan is say 10% per annum and the loan tenure is 2 years ?

Start with figuring how much percentage of your monthly gross salary will your particular home loan lender like to see as going out as loans. What this means is that each lender will limit  the total amount of loans an individual should take. This obviously includes all types of loans that the individual has.

Generally, lenders limit this between 40% to 55% of your monthly gross salary. They do that so that the rest of the money you can spend on your living expenses and save and invest as well. If you were to take loans that amount to 90% of your salary, where would you get money for expenses ?

To exemplify, if a person’s monthly gross salary is Rs 30,000/- and

So check first what this percentage figure is with your loan provider. How much home loan you can take depends on this hugely. In our example, consider this to be 40%.

How much home loan can I get ?

Once you know this, then move to trying to find how much down payment do you need to make for your home. The down payment is usually some percentage of the total price of the house. Today, this figure stands between 15%-25%. It used to be 10% before he 2008-2009 slowdown, but times have changed and many home loan providers (banks) are now pushing for 20% of the total price of the house as down payment.

Knowing this figure is important as it could become a very important decision making point between your affordability of an expensive home or a not-so-expensive-one. In our example, consider this to be 15%.

Recap of the scenario :

The revelations on how much home loan you can take :

Input your values to check for results.

Last Word

How much home loan you can get is important for your overall financial freedom.

Check to see what happens if your home loan interest rate increases, which increases the EMI. Obviously, you will be left over with less money for living expenses.

Play around with your monthly gross salary and imagine a scenario where your lady boss cuts your salary by 10%. It could send your household budget haywire.

Think about your EMI if you live on rent. Paying EMI and renting together can cause a huge dent to your savings  plan.

Decrease your home loan tenure and check how much home loan you can get.

You can obviously create different scenarios to arrive at how much loan you can take, but the idea is to zero down on the one that will make your home purchase cherishable without hurting your lifestyle.


  1. Sahil

    December 13, 2010

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    Nice calculator. You have explained it very well as well. HDFC bank asks for 20% of downpayment of a home. Some banks show flexibility and allow 10% or 15% but I think now they ask us to put in as much a possible.

  2. D. Bahroos

    December 13, 2010

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    I was once told by my financial advisor that as a rule of thumb buy property which is not more than 4 times the gross annual income provided there are no prior loans.I worked out few examples and this fits very well into the calculator.

    The article is very simplistic yet very powerful for its contents.Thanks for that.

  3. Rajesh K

    July 25, 2011

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    Dear Sir, I wanna know if I invest Rs.20,000/-per month in Mutual Funds then how much will my wealth be in next 10-15-20 years period…thanx

  4. deepak jaiswar

    October 22, 2011

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    if my monthly salary is 30000/month ,then how much loan i can get?????????

  5. Ashvin Bhanderi

    February 2, 2013

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    Salary- Rs. 18000 p.m. as enginner
    Renovation-Home Loan
    Duration of loan- upto 30 years
    Duration of job- 1 year

  6. Divya

    March 31, 2015

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    sir, i works at IBM as a software developer.My salary is 8 lakhs per annum.So how much loan can i get and other details like EMI,Down payment and tenure of loan.My experience is 5+years.NOW i want to buy land and construct a house in it.Iam ready to pay downpayment 20 lakhs.I need overall 50 lakhs.Is it possible to take loan .Please reply me kindly

  7. Mohammed Shahzma Ansari

    August 29, 2015

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    Hi my salary is 16500/PM and my wife is teacher Salary is 6000PM i want a loan arround 30 lakhs for 30year can i apply which bank

    • Mohammed Shahzma Ansari

      August 29, 2015

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      and one more thing i have a strong CIBIL arround 750 Plus may be

    • Madhupam Krishna

      October 14, 2015

      Post a Reply

      Dear Vittal,

      The quantum of home loan depends on lot of factors like financial eligibility in form of CIBIL Score, your previous loan history, your current running loans (EMI servicing eligibility), the value of property for which you are taking a loan etc. Plus there are internal restriction also that are applicable to home loan companies. I suggest you consult a reputed loaner with all your income and property documents. Thanx… for your patronage to

    • dhakshayini

      December 27, 2015

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      i am getting gross salary 30000 thousand how much loan i can get and how much emi monthly

    • Madhupam Krishna

      March 2, 2016

      Post a Reply

      Dear Narendra,

      The amount of home loan depends on your take home, already availed loans, credit information (CIBIL Score) and host of other factors like stability of job, income of spouse/dependents etc.

      In your case if CIBIL is clear and you are not paying any other EMIs you can get around 20 Lakhs of loan, but this is just an approximate figure. Just approach any HL institution and they will be happy to assist you.

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